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October 23, 2013
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I promise myself not to give in this time. I promise with all the eternity in the world that his eyes won’t penetrate me and disrupt me. I promise that even if he gives me a smile, I will not falter and stay strong. I promise even with my dying self, I will no matter what not fall for him when he gives me his hand. I promise that it is different, and even with the touch of his lips, that my heart does not feel. I promise … nothing. Nothing at all. Seriously, who am I trying to kid here?! My stubbornness is not working. Which doesn’t help at all because all I want is for it to work. Please, just a while. Just for the while so I don’t have to fall into a bucket of mush when I look at him. Ugh, he’s so … NO! Don’t think about him that way. That’s how you will fall for him again and have to submit to that aura of his. Do not do that. You can’t. Not again. It’s not worth doing that to him again. Telling him lies that he will believe, only to hurt him once more. Was it worth it the first time?! Never, ever. But however, I allowed him to fall for me and kiss me and… ruin himself…

I promise…. I promise …. I promise-

The convincing of the journal tried to impose on oneself wasn’t working. [Name] threw the journal out of her hands and towards the wall in front of her. The journal hit the bookshelf residing there and as it came crashing to the ground, she stood from her sitting spot at the low table in the middle of the bedroom. The room was a mess, clothes thrown about in skeptical matters and a line tiny makeup in their containers scattered on the ground in front of her sitting mirror. In the end, she whipped off all the settled makeup on her face and dressed as casually as ever. Beautiful waist high jean shorts that ended mid-thigh tucked underneath a silk flowing patented white tank top, covered by a soft baggy embroidered tan cashmere sweater that buttoned down covering everything so casually. Her shoes were nothing special hanging between her fingers and her dark auburn wavy hair was half tied back sprinkled about over her shoulders with loose strands hanging in her face. Yet, she couldn’t help but argue to herself if this was perfect enough for him? If he would love to see her like this or all prepped up and pretty? But before she screamed to herself one more time, she picked up her small leather shoulder purse and her floppy hat to run out the door. Enough with this! She slammed the door behind her leaving the mess behind her.

She made a sibling date with Shuuji today because it was his last full day being here before he had to get on a plane to head back to home. Although, she tricked him into believing it was a sibling date of just the two of them, she planned to bring him along to the swim meet she so cherished to go to. Instead of relying on her skills of reading the piece of paper Kou gave her, when it was time she would hopefully wish upon Shuuji to read it to her and make her last possible wish to bring her there. It was genius, really, and she knew he wouldn’t deny her that. She giggled to herself as she walked down the stairs, in victory that she could even accomplish this, no matter what her little bold heart couldn’t do at the times moment. As her feet leapt to the last stair, her heart grew heavy in her chest as did her trains. Those little Four Thousand trains seemed to be quiet the last few days of her living. Hummed along with a sung melody that she emitted when she skipped along a lightened house. She was grand, more than ever before. Her mother saw it. Her brother saw it. Most definitely her father saw it too. But she did not care for their feelings. She was being selfish, it was true, but her happiness was all true from when her phone rang a tune revealing a boy’s heart in return that made her blush and squeal. She was so filled with joy to possibly be able to set eyes on him once more but at the same time, she was so nervous. Nervous enough to make her train’s race through her heart cavities, making her hear the poundings of the rails in her ears, as they raced in circles. But she knew too well what was making these trains go, which just made her ears flush with the fight of it away and to keep it close.

Makoto. How he did things to her she was not proud of.

Shuuji was leaning against the door frame that lead into the living room from the foyer, waiting for her, phone in hand. As she laughed when her feet crashed into the foyer wood floors, he laughed himself. This small date they planned for themselves was finally the catching up they had to do. They loved each other, so dearly. He was the older brother that would do anything for his younger sister, while she protected him regardless of her nature. Though all of this was hard for them to do. She was always in and out of hospitals and still in high school. While he was off at his prestigious college getting himself in the Olympics and going places far beyond her reach. Regardless, they still made time for one another’s company, may it be small or large, they still had the back of the other to lean on. They were putting their shoes on together sitting on the ledge of the step towards the door, when their mother came bursting in from the backyard door in the living room. Running over, she handed Shuuji cash for the outing straight out of her purse. Even though he protested, their mother shoved them out the door with a wave as the last shoe was buckled on.

With a fist of cash, filled with giggles, the two of them ran away down the street. Laughing at their mothers actions to pushing them out the door before their father saw them; it was kind and very silly of her. With the countless amounts of destinations they had in mind to go, to start it off clean the two slipped into an ice cream parlor and sat in a calm park, enjoying each others company. Their skin sat against the hot metal chairs at the matching glass top table, surrounded by a hovering umbrella blocking out the sun. The mid-summer heat blazed with surrounding crickets that tuned their legs to the waving rays that shined past them. The big floppy hat that was sitting upon [Name]’s head, was now sitting on the table along with their happy feelings. They ate their ice cream in silence though their eyes laughed when something in the distance they were both watching, amused them. In the moment when all content was risen, and the two decided to talk one on one, nothing interrupting them kindly, [Name] felt too warm for her tastes. Amazingly, in the 90 degree weather she would normally be cold, but with all the excitement brewing inside her, it was quite the opposite. With the sun beating against her back, she started to unbutton her sweater that lay on her shoulders.

Shuuji lifted an eyebrow when his gazes set upon her. Taking off layers for her was unheard off especially in the heat; she dwelled in the heat always and her sweaters. “Are you… hot?” His spoon waved around in the air as he spoke, just as amazed that her sweater was going to be taken off and most likely wrapped around her waist. He was obviously dressed in much less clothing than she was. He hated the heat, and every time he looked at her when her tick sweaters and jackets when it was a billion degrees in the atmosphere, he shuddered and couldn’t stand looking at all the protecting pieces of cloth.

She nodded her head. Spoke no words. With the last button undone with thinned fingers, she sighed with happiness, slightly pushing the cashmere off her shoulders, where the sweater fell to her elbows. Hugging around her lower back, the sun now intruded on her pale cream shoulders. It crept into her pours where it speeded her trains in her veins, to speed around in the heat that spread like ink in her blood. It actually caused chills throughout and tiny Goosebumps rose on her skin, not before a huge shiver of her body as she squealed with closed eyes. The heat, how it was more wonderful than anything on the planet. Well, not as perfect as the man that invaded her thoughts, but the heat was always there to make her happy no matter what.

When she didn’t hear a laugh from Shuuji because of her silly squeal delight from heat, she opened her eyes to reveal a slight mischievous glare and lift of a brow. She pouted at the sight of his gazes that set upon her and she raised her shoulders in defense. He huffed in utter disbelief, “Seriously?” He set his elbow on the table, where he then waved his spoon again but with time in the direction of her chest. “Okay, what’s the occasion?”

Blinking a few times in confusion, her eyes followed the spoon where they settled down to her chest. The flowing white silk tank top, set tight around her breasts causing her cleavage and the bra she choose today to push them slightly more up than normal. It might have been the silk against the cotton bra, but the tank top now fell more down revealing more than she hoped. She had always been larger than most girls. Mainly because of her mother inheritance of lovely bosoms and English genes. It was really nothing she was proud of, but it was always something that settled right on her thin body. Though the contrast of her chest against that thin body, she always felt compelled to hide them behind baggy clothing and thick sweaters because they aren’t something a sick girl should have. But there she was, having them more than anyone in the universe and this tank top decided to give away what she wanted to tell Shuuji gently. Lifting her hands, that were covered with tan sweater, she pulled her tank top up with a blush. She continued to look down as she gripped the tank top to her balled fists. She sighed again, but this time wasn’t delight but more the sheer fact of her embarrassment that her brother had to set eyes on that. She lifted her eyes into his, which were now lighting up with the imagination of what she could possibly be dressing up like that, and he knew full well why. Pushing air quickly out between her lips, they vibrated together, making the fake horse call that children like to imitate. She quickly set her ice cream that was being held carelessly in her hands on the table, reaching for her bag that still settled on her shoulder and hip. Pulling out the culprit of all the answers, she threw the sheet of paper at Shuuji.

A sudden clap of hands together into a prayer position came together in front of [Name]’s face and she cried out. “I’m so sorry, Shuuji, but pretty, pretty please!” The furrowed brow that set across the table picked up the crimpled paper in his hands and unfolded it. When his eyes read over it, they widened. One corner of his mouth curled up into a smirk and the lights of the sun danced in his hazel eyes more than she had ever seen. She was taken aback from those eyes and her own eyes widened under his mysterious gaze.

After a couple moments, he set the paper on the table before standing to his feet, the back of his knees pushing against the chair. Slamming his hands on the table, he looked down at her and that smile that was so contagious for anything unstable, showed with compassion she had longed forgotten. “Well then… how about we get going?”

Those tiny words that fell from his lips caused [Name] to squeal louder than before as her face lit up something amazing Shuuji forgot himself. She jumped up from her chair, as it flew backwards behind her. She jumped about beside the table, screaming in her delight not long till she threw her arms on Shuuji in a hug causing the sweater than fell upon her elbows back to her shoulders. If he had to do anything right in his whole life, it was bringing her to this swim meet. Just from the look on her face as she jumped up and down next to his side, he had to agree to himself he was doing it all right. As he set her floppy hat back on her head, she looked up at him with cheeks flushed like a child’s while pulling down the sides of the hat down with her hands. Throwing away their empty containers of ice cream, she tucked her arm into Shuuji’s and she pulled him along to the lovely surprise meeting.


It wasn’t long till the two showed up to the busy rustling swimming pool that was a train stop or two away. [Name] still had her arm tucked into Shuuji’s as she skipped along beside him, her hat waving in the rushes of air that passed by with the skips. Entering the bustling pool building brought back so many memories for the both of them, they beamed. It was so lovely to have nostrils be filled with chlorine again and the hearings of rushing bodies diving in water in the distance. She was literally shaking within her leather sandals that she chosen for the occasion, jumped up with each step. Yes, it was completely Makoto’s fault. She was going to set eyes on him again and be able to be near him in the once environment the two knew best. Just the thought made her cheeks flush brighter than she wanted to appear, but one small slap to her cheek caused all of those thoughts away before they continued. Don’t even think about it. She was scolding herself as they walked through the entrance to the actual outside pool itself. The sun sparkled against the water that had swimmers getting ready for their next timed match. [Name] felt the lift and fall of Shuuji’s shoulders as he sighed happily, from the final sight of it.

She laughed to herself, lifting her free hand over her mouth when she looked up at him. The complete bliss on his face was so silly that he couldn’t even notice he was practically drooling over sights he knew so well. She quickly elbowed him into the side, to get his attention and not to drool any more than he was. It was going to be a pretty embarrassing sight if she had to be seen with him, drooling. Though she didn’t feel like running away from it either. But just as he looked down a loud screamed filled the stadium, causing [Name] to look away from the distraught brother that was going to pinch her cheeks.

[NAME]!” There was Kou, waving in the stands right in front of her with her team of boys. She was leaning over the bleacher railing, arm frantically swaying to and fro, just to greet her over. The beautiful red eyes glittered as the sun beat against them along with the absolute pleasure to see the one person she wanted to see for this whole meet. Though just as Kou screamed [Name]’s name, a flash of blond jumped up next to the red head and screamed along with her in under exuberance. [Name] almost folded over in her own laughter as Nagisa screamed her over with his own jumping up demeanor gripping the metal railing in front of him. Oh, just looking at him was enough to want to jump into his arms and have one of those normal circle hugs in the air.

Pulling on Shuuji’s arm, guiding him to the bleachers they climbed the steps; they were almost immediately bombarded with hugs. First it was Nagisa, mainly because he pushed Kou out of the way and jumped on [Name] before she could react. He instantly picked her up in his arms in a rushing movement, resting her body against his and he squeezed. She almost screamed, when most of the air was forced out of her, but he set her to her feet in no time. In the time of a sweet embrace from Nagisa, Shuuji had been reunited with an old friend. Goro, the old swim instructor of the swimming club was sitting there next to an older woman in very casual clothing. With cone in hand and the obvious shaved star of the side of his head, Shuuji could not mistake the old teacher for anything less. When the two locked eyes, they yelled each other’s names with an embrace of their own. It was all so swift and quick moving that this all happened within the spilt seconds in their minds.

After some time there was much more greetings and explanations to be done. It was then when [Name] was introduced to Rei, the newest member. They shook hands and she smiled up at him. The adorable red rimmed glasses settled on his nose kinder than anything she had ever seen while those amethyst eyes bared into her that she couldn’t help but smile without thinking. They were just so beautiful. She could have sworn he blushed a bit, but the thing that caught the corner of her eyes more was Haru. Tick. He was glaring. Again. Of course. Tick. Why does it always have to be her? She wanted to explain. She didn’t want him to hate her anymore. Tick. It was the last straw. Haru couldn’t handle her face anymore and that smile that deceived everyone even his best friend. He stood to his feet and Kou screamed after him as he left the team who was still in the mists of their greetings. While Kou questioned why Haru just got up all of a sudden and left, [Name] threw her hands up in front of Kou and explained not to worry about it. It was the truth though. There was really no time to explain it all, and Kou could read it off [Name]’s face. They would be sitting there forever with that one story, which haunt her for days to come.

In the background, Shuuji and Goro were arm in arm, bellowing about her brothers beautiful win of silver in the Olympics. This clearly caught all the attention of everyone around. As they praised him, Shuuji cursed the judge that gave him the remark that made him fail for gold. He hung his head low as Goro patted his back in reassurance. All the while this was happening, [Name] was not paying attention. There was one body that did not greet her the way she wished. She scanned the bleachers with the tight clench of her jaw and the fidget hold of her purse strap over her shoulder. Where is he…?

“He’s swimming right now, [Name].” Kou hushed voice filled her ears. This caused her to jump and the air in her lungs to stagger, while she threw her body around to face Kou. With a smirk of her own, Kou threw her head to the side revealing a tall brunette setting a rubber cap on his head standing near a starting block.

There he was, stretching his large arms causing the back behind him to lift in all the tense of his muscles. As one of those fingers pulled down the goggles over his eyes that would always cause her to shudder within herself and melt, her breath was caught from her throat. Kou stared at the face that now resided on [Name]’s face and she was dumbfounded. She never saw a face like that in her life time, one filled with the ambition of love. Little did she know, it was all forbidden and would only cause the pain for everyone around them. But Kou blushed herself, as [Name] whole world stopped just by looking at him. Taking a quick step to the bleacher railing, Makoto talked to the man holding the stop watch and there was a sudden sensation to do the unspeakable. Her hand glided over the top metal railing, with her step towards the stairs to the lower floor, her eyes planted on Makoto and his deep breath of relaxation. The closer she got, the deeper the feeling of her trains settling in her skin. They turned her into a feather of all feeling, floating through the crowds making her gravitate to the force that continued to pull her closer. Before she knew it, she was standing in front of his block, no official taking notice to her lifeless corpse. He was already in the water, unnoticing the soothing looks while the official voiced the starting of the race.


“Makoto,” It was swift in the motions of her body bending down, she leaned her folded body over the concrete block that his hands were gripping. Her sweater was once again fallen from her shoulders, wrapped around her elbows. Just the words of her voice saying his name caused those green covered eyes to look into the iced chilled blue snow eyes and the seconds that stood still gave the moment to speak the words forever said.


“It’s silly for me to be here again. Sitting at your block looking down at you in that position, but…” Her cheeks brightened as his head shot down with the tuck of his starting curl. The exhale of a complete innocent wonder sounded from her mouth as those little words from all forgotten past were sounded that always made him shiver. “I’ll be waiting here for you, always in the end.”

There sounded the gun shot.

"Go, Makoto."
Word Count: 3,742


Well then... This was very interesting to write. Haha. I literally write this whole thing listening to Katy Perry's new album Prism and it was so good.

I really hoped to finish this on the deadline I promised for. Which is tonight, the 23rd/24th. BUT UGH. KEEP WRITING I TOLD MYSELF! I was writing this thing full utter speed, and I can not believe myself. Haha.

If any of this is dry, blame something... I have no idea because my brain is literally mush right now. I know there will be some major editing tomorrow morning when I am not speed writing. Hhahaha

Anyways GOODNIGHT! Jeeze, so many of you scolded me to get some sleep and yet here I am depriving myself of more because I was utterly addicted to writing this chapter! HAH!

Tumblr! Check it out :)

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